Ushering in 2020 with spectacular fireworks at i-City

i-City celebrated the last day of 2019 with an annual celebration. The Heart of Selangor’s Golden Triangle sends dazzling fireworks into the night sky to usher in the New Year. The lights from the City of Digital Lights along with their iconic skyscrapers complimented beautifully with the dazzling fireworks.

The spectacular fireworks display on New Year’s Eve 2019 at i-City

An estimated 35,000 Selangorians stayed around in i-City Leisure Theme Park, strolling around and enjoying the rides and attractions while they waited for the arrival of 2020.

In conjunction with the Visit Malaysia 2020, an array of events and performances for the evening co-organized together with the Ministry of Education. Talented students from schools around Selangor captivated visitors as they displayed the warmth and multi-diversified Malaysian culture with interesting performances and songs at centralWalk. A brass band parade marched amongst the lightscapes along i-City’s newly completed centralWalk and hyped up the evening as the students sang and danced to the Visit Malaysia 2020 song. The performers captures the attention of both local and international tourists with their splendid performances.

The celebrations hyped up the spirits of the audiences. As the performances came to an end, the visitors scouted for a good spot within the Theme Park and settled down in waiting for the fireworks. The anthem of the “Final Countdown” rung from speakers all around, signifying that we were down to the last two minutes of 2019. The excitement and anticipation rippled through the crowd as they looked around at each other. Families, friends and strangers alike, all gathered in one spot and in unity in a celebration of a New Year.

Crowd that gathered at centralWalk in anticipation.

As the clock strikes midnight, the first whistle of fireworks were sent up into the sky, lighting up the mesmerizing lightscapes as visitors sang along together with the organized – ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

The large crowd that gathered at the entrance of i-City Theme Park, the best spot to view the fireworks.

As the fireworks display ended and the crowd cheered, the Heart of Selangor’s Golden Triangle officially ushers in 2020.

“This is i-City’s 6th new year’s countdown celebration, but the 2020 new year will be an even exciting year for us. As a tourism destination, i-City will feature new digital lights to further extend the mesmerizing City of Digital Lights in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2020. The mesmerizing lightscapes will be featured at centralWalk, which is a newly completed zone in i-City which also houses other new rides and attractions. Furthermore, as Selangor’s Golden Triangle, there will also be an array of festive events in 2020,” said Ms Tang Soke Cheng, Information Manager of I-Berhad.

The countdown celebration doesn’t end here, as a killer deal dropped at the ticketing counters. It was “Buy 1 Free 1” for all i-City Theme Park rides and attractions, allowing families and friends to have the chance in enjoying i-City’s key attractions such as WaterWorld, SnoWalk, Red Carpet 2, City of Digital Light etc. Among the most popular packages that were bought were the “All Day Unlimited Happyness” package, which is a full park ticket that allows guests to enjoy all of i-City.

Did you enjoy i-City’s 2020 New Year Countdown Celebration? Keep us with i-City and our updates, because the next event is just around the corner. Tag us in your photos on social media @icitymalaysia, and we hope to see you on our next event!

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