Free tickets to i-City Theme Park – located in Selangor’s Golden Triangle

i-City Theme Park, located in the bustling heart of Selangor’s Golden Triangle opened the theme park free to all Malaysian guests on 9 February 2020. An inaugural event for the theme park, this is the first time where all the rides and attractions of i-City Theme Park are open throughout the whole day for the fun and excitement of the visitors.

Excited families and friends flocked to the theme park in groups and queues started to snake across the entrances of the various theme park attraction gates from as early as 9am.

With the i-City Mobile App readily installed with the i-City Mobile App, visitors trailed into WaterWorld with their ‘Selangor’s Golden Triangle Pass’ available in the app.

Excited crowd waiting for WaterWorld’s gates to open.
Long queue and flow of WaterWorld

WaterWorld, a family-favorite water theme park that features the Tornado, is the first of it’s kind in South East Asia, as well as other children-friendly attractions.

Wave Pool@WaterWorld i-City

Guests exiting WaterWorld chilled and hydrated their thirst-pangs after a swim, popped by the Touch ‘n Go counter upfront to grab a soft drink at only RM0.50 with their eWallet. This special offer was an initiation by Selangor’s Golden Triangle Day digital partner – TNG Digital to encourage cashless transactions via the Touch ‘n Go eWallet.

The Food Junkies Bazaar located in front of i-Gallery also started operations from as early as 11am, fulfilling the hunger of guests, featuring well-known brands such as Texas Chicken, Chatime, Famous Amos, Eureka Popcorns, Flaming Wheels and others.

Thereafter, guests’ continued to flow on to SnoWalk, that features the winter climate in the middle of tropical Malaysia, one of i-City’s most iconic attractions. Guests were able to experience snowfall and marvel at the unique ice sculptures in a an arctic environment of below 8 degrees.

After chilling in SnoWalk, guests continued to ‘chill’ up close and personal with their favorite icons and superstars in Red Carpet, Malaysia’s first interactive wax museum.

Featuring 3D art and optical illusions, the Trick Art Museum also welcomed crowds of guests that had great fun posing with themed 3D art.

As night fell, the City of Digital Lights, listed among the World’s Brightest and Most Colorful places by CNN Travel, flickered to life. The unique lightscapes captured the hearts of many, dazzling visitors with their one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Being a beacon and icon landmark in i-City, the colorful Giant Ferris Wheel had always enhanced the skyline as guests cruise down the Federal Highway.

In the City of Digital Lights, guests had a blast going up the rides, patiently spending time with friends and family.

Super Swing – City of Digital Lights @i-City
2-Tier Carousel – City of Digital Lights @i-City
Spacewalk – City of Digital Lights @i-City

As the night went on, i-City Theme Park received around 50,000 entries to the theme park and Touch ‘n Go eWallet counters ran low on supply for their soft drinks.

With a last hurrah, the 2020 Selangor’s Golden Triangle Day left the tired visitors with beautiful memories, as well as a broad smile on their faces.

We would like to thank all our nationwide visitors for supporting i-City thus far. As Selangor’s Golden Triangle, i-City will continue to strive and improve as the No. 1 Technology City.

i-City is glad that the 2020 Selangor’s Triangle Day has given a chance to the public to experience All Day Unlimited Happyness here at i-City Leisure Theme Park.

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