i-City 10 Nostalgia Games That 90's Kid In Malaysia Played Before

10 Nostalgia Games That 90’s Kid In Malaysia Played Before

1. Congkak

Congkak is not a game that many would bring to school but it can still be borrowed from the library and played there. Librarians in particular would know this game well as it is one of the games in the library’s inventory.
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2. Hopscotch

Also known as ketinting, we’d often draw our own boxes on the ground, using chalk. As chalkboards were, and still is used, in primary schools, chalks were in abundance and they were accessible to students too. This makes it easy to draw ketinting templates on school grounds and clean it up with a wet cloth after one is done.
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3. Snakes & Ladders

Just about every kid back in the 90s owned a Snakes and Ladders board game of some sort. It was a straight forward game involving just a dice and more than 2 players can play during each round. It’s also interesting because no matter how close one is to winning, they might encounter a snake that’ll send them tumbling right back to the start of the game.
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4. Pop Pop

Pop Pop is a messy game that is commonly played during the festive season. It’s loud and mimics the sound of firecrackers. Kids would sometimes use these Pop Pop crackers to scare one another as it makes a loud sound and produces a momentary spark.
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5. Tamagotchi

These were most kids’ very first gadget and they come in a variety of colors. The animation on the Tamagotchis of the past used to be in black and white but these days, they even come in colors. If you owned a Tamagotchi back then, you somehow earned bragging rights too because not everybody had one in their possession.
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6. Game Boy

Like having our first phone, the Gameboy was a novelty gadget that many received as a gift upon scoring straight As for our UPSR exams. The best part is, you can always purchase new cartridges (after saving up lots of pocket money) to unlock a whole new world of games.
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7. Rock Paper Scissors

Here’s another game which does not require anything. It’s simple enough and is commonly played amongst younger kids to pass the time. Don’t underestimate the intensity of this game though. There’s bound to be one player who’d go, “Scissors can cut through rock what?!”
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8. What Color Do You Want?

Find out what lies in store for your future with this simple paper game called “What Colour Do You Want?” The player must first choose his or her favorite color and number before finding out what lies behind their choice. Some variations of this game include truth or dare outcomes too.
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9. Masak Masak

This one’s a classic game, generally played amongst younger kids. Have a few pots and pans with several ingredients like leaves and flowers and you’re set for a good hour or so, mixing and stirring away.
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10. Lat Tali Lat

“Lat tali lat tali tam plom”. Does that phrase bring back fond memories of your childhood? One of the reasons why this game was so popular was the fact that you don’t need any boards, cards, or marbles in order to play it.
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